To start the process you will need the following to help make the process go smoothly.

  • Your invoice
  • Pictures will have to be provided of your mattress. See below how to take the pictures.
  • Once everything is gathered please contact Darsey’s Furniture via phone call. We will ask you to send over the pictures and invoice through email or text message, so we can start the warranty process with the correct company.
mattress warranty tools


Tools you will need are as followed:

  • Camera or cell phone with the ability to take pictures.
  • Tape Measurer or ruler.
  • Long string or flat item as long as the bed is wide.
  • Make sure to have a helper!

Step 1

To start taking pictures of your mattress please remove all bedding items such as, comforters, sheets, mattress protectors, mattress toppers, pillows, etc. 

  • Take a picture with nothing on the mattress. 
  • Take pictures of the impressions as well as you can.
mattress warranty mattress with no bedding

Step 2

  • Take a picture of your foundation(s) (box spring(s))
  • Take pictures of the bed center supports.
This helps us determine if it is a mattress issue or a support issue. The more center supports and feet you have the better support you will have! As shown in the picture to your right, this bed has 5 center supports with one foot in the middle, which is standard.
  • Twin beds should have AT LEAST have 3 rails with 1 foot in the middle.
  • Full beds should have AT LEAST have 4 rails with 1 foot in the middle
  • Queen beds should have AT LEAST have 5 rails with 1 foot in the middle.
  • King beds should have AT LEAST 6 rails with 2 feet in the middle. 
mattress warranty bedframe

Step 3

  • Take a pictures of the law label located in the middle of the head of the mattress. This should show the name of the mattress that will be shown on your invoice.
By taking this picture it helps us see what company the mattress is, what store sold it to you, as well as the name of the mattress. We want to make sure we are doing a warranty for the correct mattress, as well as, providing the serial tag number for the mattress company to keep track of issues happening with the model of mattress!
mattress warranty law label

Step 4

  • Stretch your rope all the way around your mattress and pull it tight
  • OR use the long flat item that is as wide of the bed.
  • Stick the ruler or tape measure behind the string in the impression to get a measurement.

Have your helper take a picture with the whole bed in the picture and one up close

mattress warranty mattress with ruler
mattress warranty bad example


On the left is what not to do.
Please make sure you are not measuring a area that have a intentional divot, such as tufting, please measure in between the tufts.

On the right is what to do.
Please place the ruler in between the tufts
mattress warranty good example

Step 5

Once all images have been taken please send them to us either by email or text message.  The sooner we get these the sooner we can start the claim with the correct mattress companies!

Our email to send pictures is 
To text pictures please send to (936) 687-2589

Additional Information

Please note the following:

The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover any transportation and/or service costs associated with the warranty process. The warranty only covers replacement of the defective piece(s). 

If a claim is successful, the credit issued has to be used towards a new mattress, it cannot be redeemed as cash. 

Removal of the law label, damaged, abuse, soiled or stained mattress are considered unsanitary and will void manufacture’s warranties.