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Helix Twilight Elite Firm Full Size

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Helix Twilight Elite Firm Full Size

The Twilight Elite Mattress-In-A-Box Makes Delivery Simple, With Delivery Right To Your Doorstep Shipping!

The Helix Twilight Elite Collection is our most premium mattress line, combining high-end luxury with personalized comfort. Learn more about what makes the Helix Twilight Elite Collection a superior sleep experience.


The Tallest Mattresses On The Internet : We’re changing the way you think about bed-in-a-box. The Twilight Elite Firm mattress combines 5 carefully chosen comfort layers and 2 separate microcoil comfort layers, resulting in a 16 inch mattress that exudes luxury from top to bottom. Each Elite mattress ships in two separate boxes.

Cover + Pillowtop: Cutting-Edge Cooling & Cushioning. This Plush, Quilted Foam Pillow Top Features Our Built-In GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover Fabric That Dissipates Heat Ensuring Comfort All Night Long.

Comfort Layer: Helix Dynamic Foam. Our high density Helix Dynamic Foam contributes to top-of-the-line pressure relief and best-in-class comfort. Creating a Firm Feel.

Comfort Layer: Individually Wrapped Microcoils. Steel microcoils sit between two layers of high density foam to cradle your body and ensure premium comfort, targeted pressure relief, and spinal alignment.

Support Layer: Helix Dynamic Foam. Another layer of our exclusive foam blend provides essential support in the body of the mattress, creating a firm, cradling feel as you sleep.

Comfort Layer: Individually Wrapped Microcoils. This second layer of steel microcoils offers additional durable comfort, with targeted pressure relief at your shoulders and hips.

Support Layer: Copper Gel Memory Foam. A dense layer of Copper Gel Memory Foam offers additional support in the body of the mattress, creating firm pressure relief and durability for side sleepers and those who toss and turn.

Transition Layer: Helix  Responsive Foam. Arranged just above the support base, this layer of high-grade Helix Responsive Foam ensures the durability and pressure relieving support of our steel coil base.

Support Base: Individually Wrapped Zoned Coils.  An 8 inch layer of premium steel coils, built with zoned lumbar support and full perimeter reinforcement, therefore, this advanced coil base offers sturdy support for sleepers of any size.

Base Layer: DuraDense Foam. A final layer of dense foam encloses the bottom surface of the mattress, bolstering the steel coil support base and maintaining its structure and luxury feel.

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The Helix Luxe and Elite collections feature our upgraded designs, giving you the chance to enjoy exceptional support, premium comfort, and a few touches of true luxury. A truly awesome mattress-in-a-box company that can ship directly to your house!