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Arctic Hybrid Medium Queen


: $5,499.96

Arctic Hybrid Medium Queen

Reactex® System

  • Engineered with 15X better cooling power* thanks to our exclusive, three-part Reactex® System. Each layer has more cooling capacity than the previous layer, so heat is pulled away from your body and down into the mattress. The result is cool, comfortable sleep all night long

CustomFit HD Memory Foam

  • Premium, high density memory foam conforms to your body for comfortable support all night long.

EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam

  • A fusion of cooling gel and premium memory foam, this comfort-inducing combination cradles you and helps cool you in a substantial, pressure-relieving embrace.

Hybrid Support™ w/ BestEdge®  Foam Encasement

  • In this advanced innerspring system, individually wrapped coils work independently to conform to every curve of your body and provide durable support.


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