I’m Brooke, daughter to Charley and Tonya, younger sister to Haley, and wife to Reily. I thought it would be fun to have a “get to know you” post for our employees here at the store, so here’s mine!

  • Reily and I got married in 2019. He proposed at Glacier National Park in Montana, we got married, and in November of 2020 we moved to Elkhart to begin the journey of being the 5th generation to own and operate Darsey’s Furniture.

  • I am entering into the Master’s program at Stephen F. Austin State University to pursue a career in Social Work as well as continuing to work at the furniture store.

  • I grew up monkeying around our old furniture store, which is now our warehouse. I knew all the best hiding spots, learned how to use a walkie talkie during hide and seek with my sister Haley, and now know why my dad would tell me not to sit on the arms of a sofa or pick apart a decorative tree.

  • I prefer behind the scenes work. I am happily content to do work on our website, on our inventory program, or manage our social media. I also enjoy arranging accessories and adding some extra flowers in a vase or a throw blanket to a sofa to bring it that hominess that makes your home unique.

  • When I don’t have to write a paper on the weekend, we like to unwind by hanging out with our two dogs at home. Since we lived in Tyler for about 3 years before moving back to this area, we also enjoy visiting our old date spots, like Studio Movie Grill or Jalapeno Tree.

Reily and Brooke McCully in the Store
Reily and Brooke McCully cutting the cake